Gordy Genealogy
1625 - 2011
386 Years
In Memory of Moses Gordy B: 1830
KIA at Wilderness, VA - May 5, 1864

Trench at Wilderness Battlefield
Trench at Wilderness, VA

8 Great Grandfather: Peter Gordy B: 1710 D: Jun 22, 1775
Peter had five great great grandsons with last name of Parker that fought in the Civil War. Two of the five great great grandsons enlisted in the same company and regiment on the same day. Of the five, three died from diseases and two survived.

Great Great Grandson Jehu (John) D. Parker B: Abt 1822
Mar 13, 1862 – Enlisted and mustered in Co “A” 41st Alabama Regiment Infantry as a Private in Tuscaloosa, AL for three years. Had light complexion, dark hair, haze eyes and was 5ft 10in tall.
Aug 26, 1862 – Deserted.
Jul 12, 1862 – Entitled to pay as a Corporal up to day of desertion.
Aug 26, 1863 – Entitled to 1st Sgt pay up to day of desertion.
Oct 4, 1863 – Returned to 41st Infantry.
Mar 25, 1865 – Captured near Petersburg, VA.
Jun 16, 1865 – Released after swearing allegiance to the U. S. and became a “Galvanized Yankee”.
Great Great Grandson John J. Parker B: Abt 1826
Aug 29, 1861 – Enlisted as a Private in Co “A” 25th Alabama Infantry in Montgomery, AL for duration of war. 5ft 10in tall, light complexion, black hair and blue eyes.
Jul & Aug 1862 – Absent, sick in Oklahoma, Miss.
Nov 1862 – Daily duty is company cook.
Dec 31, 1862 – Slightly wounded in First Woods at Dea’s Bridge before Murfreesboro operation.
Jan 6 – 22 1863 – In Post Hospital at Dalton, GA for Vulnus Scloflticum.
Sep 4, 1863 – Returned to duty from quartermaster.
Jun 10, 1865 - Swore not to bear arms against the United States of America while on parole.
Jun 1865 – Paroled for month of June.
Great Great Grandson John Parker B: 1828
Mar 13, 1862 – Enlisted as a Private in Co “A” 41st Alabama Regiment Infantry in Tuscaloosa, AL for 3 years.
May 6, 1862 – Mustered.
Dec 31, 186 – Sent to hospital in Chattanooga, TN.
Mar 13, 1863 – Died at Fairgrounds Hospital in Atlanta, GA from Sundries. Was owed $63.85 at time of death.
Great Great Grandson Charles P. Parker B: 1839
Apr 1, 1862 – Enlisted and mustered as a Private in Co “D” 43rd Alabama Regiment Infantry in North Point, AL for 3 years.
Aug 13, 1862 – Left sick in Clinton, TN.
Jul 2, 1863 – Captured in Elk River, TN.
Jul 10, 1863 – Moved to Nashville, TN.
July 14, 1863 – Moved to Louisville, KN.
July 20, 1863 – Sent to Camp Chase, OH.
Aug 24, 1863 – Transferred to Camp Douglas, Chicago, IL.
Nov 29, 1864 – Died from small pox at Camp Davis. Buried in Oak Wood Cemetery in Chicago IL.
Great Great Grandson Isham Parker B: Unk
Jul 9, 1861 – Enlisted as a Private in Co “F” 21st Georgia Infantry in Antioch, LA for duration.
Jul 28, 1861 – Mustered
Feb 28, 1862 – Died General Hospital

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