Gordy Genealogy
1625 - 2011
386 Years
In Memory of Moses Gordy B: 1830
KIA at Wilderness, VA - May 5, 1864

Trench at Wilderness Battlefield
Trench at Wilderness, VA

4 Great Grandfather: Moses Gordy B: 1830 D: May 5, 1864

Mary Ann Myers Gordy
Mary Ann Myers Gordy B: 1835
B: Sep 1835 D: July 5, 1900
Wife of Moses Gordy B: 1830
Mother of Mack Daniel Gordy
2 Great Grandmother to Mack Lee Gordy, Jr.
2nd Wife of Zebedee C.Croker "Galvanized Yankee"
Picture Source: Keith Monroe Kearns

1856 - Roella Gordy born. Moses was 26 years old when Roella was born. Was Roella born out of wedlock?
1857 – Moses Gordy, age 27, & Mary Ann Myers, age 22, were married.
Oct 15, 1858 – Mack Daniel Gordy born – Moses was 28 years old when MDG was born. If MDG had not been born prior to Moses going off to fight in the Civil War the current Mack Gordy family would not be here today. We owe a debt of gratitude to Moses Gordy.
Nov 1861 – Mary Ann Myers Gordy became pregnant with Martha.
Mar 11, 1862 – Moses enlisted in the Confederate Army for three years in Capt O. W. Carr’s Randolph Rangers. Later became Company “G” 46th Regiment North Carolina Infantry. Occupation: Farmer, Height: 5’- 7 1/2”. Age: 31. Mack Daniel Gordy was 3years-4months-27days old when Moses enlisted.
Apr 16, 1862 – Mustered at Trinity College for a three-year enlistment. Mack Daniel Gordy was 3years-6months-1day old when Moses mustered.
Jun 25 – Jul 1, 1862 – Fought in Seven Days’ Battle around Richmond, VA.
Aug 27, 1862 – Martha Gordy was born 5months-15days after Moses enlisted.
Sep 1, 186 – Promoted to a full musician.
Sep 17, 1862 – Moses was severely wounded in the leg at West Woods during the battle of Sharpsburg, MD (Battle of Antietam).

West Woods Battlefield - Sharpsburg, MD
West Woods Battlefield
Sharpsburg, MD - Battle of Antietam
Moses Gordy B: 1830
Severely Wounded in Leg During This Battle
Sep 17, 1862
Picture taken July 24, 2009

Sep 30, 1862 – Moses was promoted to a full private (reduced to ranks)
Oct 8, 1862 - Posted in the North Carolina Standard, Raleigh, NC - To the Citizens of Randolph County: On going into battle at Sharpsburg, Maryland, on the 17th, the men of the 46th Regiment were ordered to throw off their knapsacks, blankets, etc. After the battle they were ordered off in another direction and lost both clothing and blankets. They will very soon need winter clothing and can draw that from the government but blankets, socks, etc. are very scarce. About forty men of Company G are thus deprived of these articles and we therefore appeal to the generosity of our friends for help. Please deliver what you can to Rev. B. Craven, Trinity College or John B. Troy at Troy’s Store on or before the 12th October and they will promptly forward the material. O.W. Carr Captain, Company "G".
Capt O. M. Carr
Capt O. W. Carr
Company "G"
46th Regiment North Carolina Infantry
Oct 15, 1862 – Admitted to No. 5 USA General Hospital in Frederick, MD
Oct 16, 1862 – Sent to General Hospital
Oct 18, 1862 – Listed on Roll of Prisoners of War at Fort McHenry, Baltimore MD. Paroled and sent to Fort Monroe, VA for Prisoner Exchange
Oct 24, 1862 – Admitted to Chimborazo Hospital No. 14 in Richmond, VA
Nov 10, 1862 – Exchanged at Aiken's Landing, VA (Known as Varina, VA)
Nov 12, 1862 – Furloughed until Dec 22, 1862 - 40 days at $.13 per day
Dec 15, 1862 – 46th Regiment Garrisoned to Pocataligo, SC
Dec 20, 1862 – Moses listed on Roll of Honor When appropriate medals could not be supplied, the Confederate Congress authorized the Roll of Honor in October of 1862. The Roll of Honor covered all ranks and it was ordered that the Roll would be: 1) preserved in the office of the Adjutant and Inspector General; 2) read at the head of every regiment at the first dress-parade after its receipt and; 3) published in at least one newspaper from each state.
Dec 22, 1862 – Returned from furlough and was paid $13.20.
Jun 1863 – Garrisoned at Pocataligo, SC and was stationed there until June 1863.
Jun 1863 – The 46th NC Regiment Infantry joined the ranks of the Army of Northern Virginia
Oct 14, 1863 – Fought in battle at Bristoe Station in Virginia
May 5, 1864 – Killed in action at Wilderness, VA. Mack Daniel Gordy was 5years-7months-21days old and Martha was 1year-9months-9days old when Moses died at age 34. Moses served 2years-2months-25days in the Confederate Army.

Wilderness Battleflield
Wilderness Battlefield
Edited to Remove Visitor Center & Path to Trench
Moses Gordy B: 1830
Killed in This Battle
May 5, 1864
Picture taken July 25, 2009

Martha Gordy Leonard Death Certificate
Martha Gordy Leonard Death Certificate
B: Aug 27, 1862 D: Nov 18, 1922
Wife of Oscar L. Leonard
B: Oct 1865 D: Apr 15, 1910
Daughter of Moses Gordy and Mary Ann Myers Gordy
Buried in Oakwood Cemetery in High Point, NC
Source: Mary Garland

Sep 16, 1866 - Mary Ann Myers Gordy, age 31, married Zebedee C. Croker, age 50, after Moses’ death. Martha Gordy was 4years-20days old and Mack Danile Gordy was 9years-29days old when Mary Ann married Croker. Stepfather Zebedee C. Croker kicked Mack Daniel Gordy out of the house in 1869 and he lived next door with 53 year old Eliza Blair and her 26 year old son John A. Blair. Eliza Blair was the Aunt of Zebedee C. Croker.

Mary Ann Myers Gordy
Mary Ann Myers Gordy B: 1835
Wife of Moses Gordy B: 1830
Mother of Mack Daniel Gordy
2nd Wife of Zebedee C.Croker "Galvanized Yankee"
Picture Source: Keith Monroe Kearns

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