Gordy Genealogy
1625 - 2011
386 Years
In Memory of Moses Gordy B: 1830
KIA at Wilderness, VA - May 5, 1864

Trench at Wilderness Battlefield
Trench at Wilderness, VA

Grandfather: Mack Lee Gordy, Jr. B: June 5, 1942 - Living

Mack L. Gordy, Jr.

Mack L. Gordy, Jr. - 1949
1946 Pontiac

Mack L. Gordy, Jr. & Almeta Jane Pierce Goins

Mack L. Gordy, Jr. & Phyllis Goodwin
Sternberger Elementary School
May Day 1954

1959 MGA
Picture Taken in 1960

MGA was turquoise color with a silver top & silver leather interior

Mack L. Gordy, Jr.
U. S. Army - Dec 1963 to Dec 1966

Tan San Nhut Airport, Vietnam
Outside - Bomb Explosion - June 16, 1965

Tan San Nhut Airport, Vietnam
Inside - Bomb Explosion - June 16, 1965

June 16, 1965
Slightly wounded consisted of loosing 40% of the muscle in right arm

3rd Army Field Hospital
Saigon, Vietnam
June 16, 1965

Mack L. Gordy, Jr.
1966 Volkswagen
Fort Jackson, SC
August 1966

I met Oliver Geesey and Glen Glidewell when we were assigned to Fort Jackson after basic training for MOS training in March 1964. One weekend Oliver, Glen and I had a weekend pass and Glen had a four passenger Ford Thunderbird parked off base. We left Saturday at noon. I drove to Greensboro, NC and they continued on to PA. They spent four hours at home and turned around and headed back to pick me up and then to back to Fort Jackson. It is amazing how the heart grows fonder when you are away.

Mack L. Gordy, Jr. & N5712T
1964 Cessna 172 Skyhawk
April 8, 1967

Mack L. Gordy, Jr. earned his Private Pilot Licence on July 12, 1968

1964 Cessna 172 Skyhawk
New Paint 1974 - Cessna 182 Skylane Trim

1987 27' Boston Whaler Full Cabin
August 1994

2001 31' Sea Ray Amberjack
May 2008

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