Gordy Genealogy
1625 - 2011
386 Years
In Memory of Moses Gordy B: 1830
KIA at Wilderness, VA - May 5, 1864

Trench at Wilderness Battlefield
Trench at Wilderness, VA

5 Great Grandfather: Bailey Gordy B: 1810 D: 1891
Bailey had three sons, Moses B: 1830, Julian B: 1842 & Hogen B: 1844, who served in the Civil War. Moses & Hogen were in Co “G” 46th Regiment Infantry. Julian was in the 21st Battalion Infantry. Moses was killed at Wilderness on May 5, 1864, VA at 34 years old. Hogen was killed at Cold Harbor, VA 29 days later on June 3, 1864 at 20 years old. Julian was a POW in Washington, DC until the end of the war.
Julian Gordy B: 1842 – Half Brother to Moses Gordy B: 1830
Jun 11, 1861 – Volunteered and enlisted in Co “K” 11th NC Regiment Infantry as a Private in Winston, NC for one year. Later re-enlisted for two years or duration. Regiment later became 21st NC Regiment Infantry (State Troops).
Jan 14, 1864 – Deserted with two horses and captured by the U.S. Calvary at Rapidan River, VA.
Mar 14, 1864 – Released on oath and sent to NY. Took Oath of Amnesty (meant he would not run away while he was marched to Washington, DC). Complexion: dark, Hair: Brown: Eyes: dark, Height: 5ft 8in tall. There is nothing remaining of the Old Capitol Prison. The United States Supreme Court Building now occupies the place where the prison once stood.
J W Hogen Gordy B: 1844 – Half Brother to Moses Gordy B: 1830
Mar 26 1862 - Hogen enlisted as a Private for three years in the Confederate States of America Army at Trinity College in Davidson in Capt O. W. Carr’s Randolph Rangers, later became Company “G” 46th Regiment North Carolina Infantry at Trinity College. Occupation: Farmer, Height: 5’- 3 1/4”. Age: 18. Made the following pay periods. Hogen enlisted 15 days after Moses enlisted. Hogen served 2y-3m-8d.
Apr 16 1862 – Mustered Camp Mangum
Jul & Aug 1862 – Present
Sep & Oct 1862 – Present
Nov & Dec 1862 – Absent – Sick since Nov 18
Jan & Feb 1863 – Present – Sick in quarters
Mar & Apr 1863 – Present
May & Jun 1863 – Present
Sep & Oct 1863 – Present
Nov & Dec 1863 – Present
Jan & Feb 1864 – Present – Absent w/o leave 36 days, from Jan 23 to Feb 28 1864
Mar & Apr 1864 – Present
May & Jun 1864 – Present
Jun 3 1864 – KIA in the battle near Cold Harbor, VA. At Cold Harbor, Virginia, 7,000 Americans fell in 20 minutes.

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