Gordy Genealogy
1625 - 2011
386 Years
In Memory of Moses Gordy B: 1830
KIA at Wilderness, VA - May 5, 1864

Trench at Wilderness Battlefield
Trench at Wilderness, VA

9 Great Grandfather: Adrian Brian Gordy B: 1650 D: Abt 1714
Adrian was 40 years old when he married his first wife Rosamond (Joanne) Crouch. Rosamond was 20 years old. They had one son, William Gordy. Adrian was 58 years old when he married his second wife, Mary “Polly” Dusharoone, in 1708. Mary was 43 years old. They had twin boys, Moses and Peter, who were born when Adrian was 60 years old and Mary was 45. Mary’s parents were from France. Adrian had a total of 38 great grand children and 41 great great-grandchildren. Adrian’s great great grandson, John Gordy, had a total of 24 children with three wives. Adrian’s son, William, was awarded custody of one James Christopher an orphan aged 13 on 1 March 1813. Possible that Elinor was a widow when William married her.

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