Gordy Genealogy
1625 - 2015
390 Years
In Memory of Moses Gordy B: 1830
KIA at Wilderness, VA - May 5, 1864

Trench at Wilderness Battlefield
Trench at Wilderness, VA
July 25, 2009

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Moses Gordy was my great great grandfather and was born in 1830. He married Mary Ann Myers in 1857. They had three children, Roella Gordy B: 1856, Mack Daniel Gordy B: Oct 15, 1858 D: Nov 7, 1948 & Martha Gordy B: Aug 27, 1862 D: Nov 19, 1922. Moses was a farmer before enlisting in Company "G" 46th Regiment North Carolina Infantry during the Civil War and died at the Battle of the Wilderness on May 5, 1864 at the age of 34. Mary Ann Myers Gordy married Zebedee C. Croker two years and four months after the death of her husband.
Mack Daniel Gordy was my great grandfather and there seems to be some confusion as to the correct spelling of his name. You will see his name shown as "Mc D. Gordy" or "McDaniel Gordy" on numerous internet sights. This is incorrect. I have many documents with his signature signed as "Mc D. Gordy and McDaniel Gordy" and there are several on this web site but the correct spelling is "Mack Daniel Gordy". He created this confusion by abreviating his name of Mack with "Mc" and his middle name or initial when signing his name. He even made this abreviation to his grandson's name in his will by listing him as Mc Gordy instead of Mack Lee Gordy. He never relized the confusion it would cause later on.
Please visit the links to my ancestors and see all the information and pictures including wills, codicils and deeds. This is a work in progress and updates will be forth coming. If you have information or pictures on any of the listed Gordy family members that you would like to add to this site please contact the webmaster. Thanks and we hope you enjoy your visit.

Gordy Genealogy 1625 - 2012
10 Great Grandfather: Gordon Gordy B: 1625 D: About 1714
10 Great Grandmother: ____ ____ Gordy B: D:
9 Great Grandfather: Adrian Brian Gordy B: 1650 D: About 1714
9 Great Grandmother: Rosamond Crouch Gordy B: Abt 1670 D:
9 Great Step Grandmother: Mary "Polly" Dusharoone Gordy B: 1665 D:
8 Great Grandfather: Peter Gordy B: 1710 D: June 22, 1775
8 Great Grandmother: Hannah Catherine Christopher Gordy B: 1710 D:
7 Great Grandfather: Moses Gordy B: 1730 D: 1795
7 Great Grandmother: Eunice McGaimery Gordy B: 1730 D: Sep 21, 1821
6 Great Grandfather: Moses Gordy B: Jun 25, 1780 D: Oct 26, 1820
6 Great Grandmother: ____ ____ Gordy B: D:
5 Great Grandfather: Bailey Gordy B: 1810 D: 1891
5 Great Grandmother: ____ ____ Gordy B: D:
4 Great Grandfather: Moses Gordy B: 1830 D: May 5, 1864
4 Great Grandmother: Mary Ann Myers Gordy B: 1835 D: July 5, 1900
4 Great Step Grandfather: Zebedee C. Croker B: 1816 D: After June 9, 1880
3 Great Grandfather: Mack Daniel Gordy B: Oct 15, 1858 D: Nov 7, 1948
3 Great Grandmother: Sarah Elizabeth Haney Gordy B: Oct 27, 1862 D: Sep 11, 1954
2 Great Grandfather: Paul Harold Gordy B: May 23, 1891 D: Apr 1978
2 Great Grandmother: Ollie Elizabeth Pierce Gordy B: 1897 D: 1931
2 Great Step Grandmother: Kathryn (NMI) Greene Gordy B: Jun 9 1912 D: May 16, 1971
Great Grandfather: Mack Lee Gordy, Sr. B: Sep 21, 1917 D: Jun 12, 1992
Great Grandmother: Mary Beulah Goins Gordy B: Feb 10, 1915 D: Aug 7, 2008
Grandfather: Mack Lee Gordy, Jr. B: Jun 5, 1942 - Living
Grandmother: Lavinia Wharton Fishburne Gordy B: Feb 8, 1944 - Living
Father: Thomas Edward Gordy B: Feb 23, 1970 - Living
Mother: Donna Ruth Coltrane Gordy B: Jul 1969 - Living
Stepmother: Maria Michelle Luther Gordy B: Nov 4, 1982 - Living
Daughter: Taylor Elizabeth Gordy B: Mar 9, 1998 - Living

List of Descendants from Gordon Gordy to Taylor Elizabeth Gordy

Wills, Deeds & Codicils of Gordy Descendants

Mack's Remote Control Airplanes

Central Carolina R/C Modelers Event 


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